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Insights into process fluids

Our process microscope gives you optical access into your process and process fluids. It has been particularly optimized for the analysis of particles, gas bubbles, cells, solids and aerosols. The process microscope works according to the optical shadography principle. It consists of an illumination unit and a camera unit, which oppose each other, for instance, in a pipe or process vessel. Short exposure times of down to 1 µs give sharp and high-resolution images even at high flow rates in your process. The maximum frame rate is 120 Hz at a resolution of 6 µm.

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The process microscope as a system to analyse gas bubbles, particles or cells has now been further developed for applications at temperatures of up to 300 ° C. For this, a water cooling system was implemented in the microscope. The design of the camera and the illumination has been adapted.

Service: Detection of micro-bubbles

Application areas

The process microscope can be used in a wide variety of areas where the formation, dissolution or behavior of micro gas bubbles are of diagnostic interest. Examples are the study of

  • chemical reactions with local gas release or evaporation,
  • Electrolysis,
  • Contamination and microbubbles in hydraulic systems,
  • Droplet size distributions,
  • Fermentation processes,
  • Cavitation,
  • Boiling processes
  • Gas solubility and gas dispersion.
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