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Analysis of flows

We offer contract measurements and customer-specific measurement campaigns in the laboratories of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf or at the customer’s location. The execution of such measurements is accompanied by qualified technical and scientific staff. In addition to the provision of the measurement object by the customer, the preparation of test arrangements is also possible.


Measurement technology for the analysis of multiphase mixture flows

The determination of flow regimes and gas holdup (e. g. in pipes) is a frequently encountered problem in process diagnostics. A wire-mesh sensor can solve this task comprehensively. Wire-mesh sensors are robust and allow a detailed analysis of flow structure with high temporal and spatial resolution.

The investigation of multiphase flows can also be done with non-intrusive tomographic imaging techniques. HZDR disposes of an ultrafast X-ray tomography system, which achieves frame rates of up to 8,000 images per second for scanning transient flows up to 3 m/s and a high-resolution gamma ray tomography scanner for time-averaged cross-sectional imaging. Both systems can be employed for customer-specific flow investigations.

Learn more about how the wire-mesh sensor works

Visualization of wire-mesh sensor measurement data of a gas-water pipe flow.


Gas and Liquid Holdup

Needle probes are a cost-effective, robust alternative for gas and liquid holdup measurements in pipeline systems and process vessels. With our needle probes one can simultaneously measure holdups and fluid temperatures in several locations in hydraulic systems. The additional information on fluid temperatures allows, for instance, to discriminate thermodynamically between condensable and non-condensable gases in thermal fluid dynamics investigations. Beside a fast data acquisition our competencies are in technology of long-term reliable pressure and temperature tight sensors.

Learn more about how needle probes work

Detection and measurement of micro-bubbles

For the detection and analysis of small particles and micro-bubbles in fluid flows our process microscope is well suited. Thanks to its fast flash exposure it can provide sharp shadowgraph images of the flow within a given measurement slit even at highest flow velocities. From the photographic images, gas and particle holdups, as well as particle or bubble size distributions can be extracted by image processing algorithms implemented in our process microscope software. Such parameters are essential, for instance to assess residual gas fractions in processes with gas dissolution, for the characterization of gas injectors, analysis of cavitating flows, emulsions, suspensions, crystallization or precipitation processes. In combination with a proprietary cooling concept our process microscope is suited for harsh process conditions up to 250°C and 10 MPa pressure.

The process microscope could already be successfully employed in oil hydraulic systems and wet gas pipelines. Also for the analysis of particulate flows we have comprehensive experience.

Learn more about the optical micro gas bubble sensor

Non-destructive analysis

In cooperation with Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf we can offer computed tomography investigations for a large variety of diagnostic problems, reaching from flow analysis to non-destructive testing. We are experienced in flow and holdup measurement in pipes, separators, pumps, valves, mixers and other hydraulic components and also in non-destructive evaluation and product control for a variety of goods, such as timber, food, fruits and others.

Fast X-ray tomography is possible for objects up to 19 cm diameter with high speed and gamma ray tomography for larger objects and time-averaged scanning.


Application areas

Application examples are test facilities for power engineering, oil and gas production as well as chemical and process engineering. Beside the investigation of pipe flows, also more complex flow domain geometries, such as square ducts or cross-sections with inserts, do not, in principle, pose problems for wire-mesh sensors. Also for this we have already provided many customer-specific solutions in the past.


What we offer

  • Use of our developed measurement technology and analysis software
  • Customer-specific measurement campaigns in the laboratories of the HZDR or at the customer’s
  • Carrying out measurements by qualified technical and scientific staff
  • Preparation of test arrangements

Innovative multiphase measurment instrumentation at HZDR

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The  department Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics at the Institute for Fluid Dynamics at the HZDR deals with the experimental analysis of multi-phase flows with mass and heat transfer. The department develops its own sensors and measuring methods for spatially and temporally high-resolution process and flow diagnostics. The focus is on imaging measurement methods. Learn more about multiphase measurement instrumentation.


Contact for Requests

Eckhard Schleicher, Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics

Phone: +49 351 260 3230



Uwe Pöpping, Innovation Manager Fluid dynamics

Phone: +49 351 260 2397