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High-resolution spectroscopy

On the basis of production in a clean room laboratory, we offer silicon detectors for the detection and high-resolution spectroscopy of particle radiation with areas of up to 2000 mm² and sensitive depths of up to 250 µm. Delivery takes place either at wafer level or as individual detector chips. The technology used allows the production of detectors with customer-specific designs after consultation. It is used in devices for radiation detection, for example in monitoring technology and environmental analysis or as high-resolution detectors in spectroscopic measuring systems.


Working principles

Radiation detectors are reverse biased semiconductor diodes which, due to the use of high-resistance silicon wafer material, can develop sensitive depths of several 100 µm. The incident ionizing radiation generates electron / hole pairs that are separated in the detector’s electrical field and processed as charge pulses in the downstream electronics (see picture on the right). The amount of charge generated is proportional to the energy of the incident particles, which enables the recording of energy spectra and, if necessary, the assignment to specific nuclides.


Detectors for particle radiation

The radiation detectors manufactured by HZDR Innovation GmbH are detectors for particle radiation (electrons, protons, alphas, heavy ions). Manufactured on high-resistance silicon in a planar technology with ion-implanted structures and passivated diode edge, the sensitive space charge zone is up to 250 µm depending on the operating voltage. In the case of spectrometric detector types, the effective thickness of the radiation entry window is <100 nm, which ensures a very good energy resolution of the detectors. Based on a reliable basic technology, it is possible to design and manufacture customer-specific detector configurations, including spatially resolved systems or special geometric solutions. Delivery is either at wafer level or as individual detector chips.


Application fields

  • Measurement of particle radiation in nuclear facilities
  • Detection of radon and secondary radon products in environmental analysis
  • Air monitoring
  • Measurement of alpha radiation in soil samples or building materials
  • Use in decontamination measurements
  • Spectrometric detectors for ion beam analysis

What we offer

The detectors are manufactured in two versions with sensitive areas between 80 and 2000 mm² (see link type list). The Model Series A with high-resolution detectors is primarily designed for use under vacuum conditions and optimized with regard to capacity, reverse current and entry window. The Model Series E is used in environmental analysis or as counting detectors. They are provided with a light-tight contact and a double passivation and thus allow the use even under scattered light or atmospheric conditions. In addition to the standard types listed, detectors with customer-specific designs or special configurations, such as Multi-element detectors can also be manufactured.

Type list radiation detectors (53.39 KB)


Contact for Requests

Dr. Johannes von Borany

Phone: +49 351 260 3378


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