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These customers trust in our service and our products

Our customers and clients are located in a wide variety of industries. What they have in common is that they trust HZDR Innovation with their service and products.

Flow Measurement Technology

for clients of different industries

The wire-mesh sensor and other flow measurement technology products are in demand from manufacturers of hydraulic system technology, suppliers for the automotive industry, manufacturers of refrigeration and air conditioning technology, and producers of industrial combustion technology.

Radiation Detectors

for Sarad GmbH Dresden

The company Sarad in Dresden manufactures radon measurement technology and has been working with the HZDR since 1999.

Further references from customers

IFW Dresden
The Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden trusts in our Transfer Services.
Laser Quantum - a Novanta Company
Laser Quantum is manufacturer of high quality solid-state and ultrafast laser sources. The company trusts in our THz radiation sources.
VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH
VEM is our reference for the use of the ARGUS contactless torque sensor. With the help of the multifunctional sensor, numerous operating parameters of the VEM drive systems can be determined.