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A new dimension of resistance measurements

With the tensormeter, all components of the electrical resistance of thin layers, such as silicon wafers, can be measured quickly and precisely with one measurement. The tensormeter determines the complete resistance tensor of one or more thin-film samples, which would otherwise require a large number of measuring devices and complex measurement setups. In addition, the tensormeter measures precisely in high resolution and with the lowest noise without sample structuring (e.g. lithography).


Simpler measurements, better results

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Measure Sheet & Hall resistance at high precision and extremly low noise
  • Measure irregularly shaped samples without need for lithographic patterning
  • Replace Lock-in Amplifier, Source Measure Unit, Digital Multimeter, Analog Matrix Switch
  • Save measuring time, achieve higher throughput

Application areas

Tensormeter can be used for a variety of measuring applications within thin film characterization, wafer and device testing as well as materials research.

With only one device and one automated measurement a full set of electrical parameters can be derived for a comprehensive electrical sample characterization.

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