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News from HZDR Innovation

HZDR Innovation at DPG-Tagung in Dresden 2023
Want to unlock the next level of your research in condensed matter physics? Visit our booth at the 2023 DPG Conference in Dresden and find out how. HZDR Innovation GmbH will present two devices that help scientists do their work more efficiently and easily.
Student Assistant for Application Engineering (m/f/d)
We are looking for support for our business unit Tensor Instruments with immediate effect. The position of Student Assistant (m/f/d) offers electronic characterisation tasks in physics, thin-film technology and materials science.
Celebrating 10 years of success
What a beautiful evening! In the stylish ambience of the Kulturwirtschaft at Kraftwerk Mitte, HZDR Innovation celebrated ten successful years on the market with over 90 guests on 9 June 2022. Many thanks to the Kulturwirtschaft team.
Start of production in Slovakia
Three, two, one, start: On 12 October 2021, our highly customised high-energy ion implantation facility from Adenso went into operation at our new site at Slovenská Technická Univerzita v Bratislave in Trnava (Slovakia).
Customer references and partners
Find out which customers place their trust in us and with which partners we work successfully.

Ion Technology

Energy Ion Implantation

For the ion technology business area, we use the facilities of the ion beam center at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. Many years of expertise in the field of ion technology, modern and powerful machines and highly qualified personnel enable the rapid processing of standard implantations while maintaining high quality standards. Our strengths include the broad ion energy range, a large selection of available ion species and the fulfillment of complex special orders. The close cooperation with well-known customers worldwide testifies to the great trust in our services.


Accelerated Ions

Six accelerators wih 40 end stations in the energy range from several hundreds eV to over 50 MeV can be used for ion implantation services. The implantation of light ions in semiconductor components of power electronics improve switching performance and reduce significantly the power loss (lifetime engineering).


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A new dimension of resistance measurement

With the tensormeter, all components of the electrical resistance of thin layers, such as silicon wafers, can be measured quickly and precisely with one measurement. The tensormeter determines the complete resistance tensor of one or more thin-film samples, which would otherwise require a large number of measuring devices and complex measurement setups. Learn more about the device in our product video.

Material analysis

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Make with positrons defects visible

Today, materials scientists often aim to improve materials on the nanometre scale. Positrons, the anti-particles of electrons, help here. They can be used to make nano-defects visible. Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy (PALS) makes it possible to examine almost any material on the nanometre scale for atomic defects non-destructively and without time-consuming sample preparation.

Measurement Technology


Wire-Mesh-Sensor, Needle Probe, Process Microscope

The wire mesh sensor for the imaging examination of multiphase flows with high spatial and temporal resolution is the main product in the business field of multiphase measurement technology. In addition, we offer products such as the needle probe for measuring the local gas content, the process microscope for analyzing particles and cells as well as the clock box for synchronous triggering of different measuring systems. Find out more.

New Product: ROTAX


Rotation without limits

The two-axis rotator ROTAX is an innovative component for the precise spatial alignment of material samples during measurements under extreme conditions, such as in strong electromagnetic fields, at very low temperatures or in the smallest space.