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Novel sensors with unconventional mechanical properties

The Team “Flexible magnetoelectronics” at HZDR Innovation is engaged in the development of a flexible and printable magnetic field sensor (Hall effect and magnetoresistive effects). We offer novel high-performance magnetic field sensors on ultra-thin flexible substrates that have a high mechanical adaptability. Flexible and printed sensors can be applied not only to various flat but also curved objects due to their extremely thin and unconventional mechanical properties.


Our Technology

Magnetic field sensors detect, measure and control any kind of movement: Translation, rotation, vibration, distancing. They are fast, durable and very reliable. Conventionally, the sensors are rigid. Our technology enables the development and production of flexible and printed sensors. The sensitivity to the magnetic fields can also be individually adjusted. With our technology, various flexible substrates such as ultra-thin polymer films and conventional flexible printed circuit boards can be functionally equipped as magnetic field sensors.

flexible array

Benefits of flexible sensors

Our flexible sensors are on polymer substrates with a thickness of 1 µm to 100 µm. They can be processed on a sample area of up to 12″ wafer size. The sensor layout can be fully configured for the specific application. In addition, the sensors are mechanically bendable to below 1 mm bending radii with stable electrical properties despite mechanical deformations. The sensors are individually adjustable with regard to their sensitivity to magnetic fields in the range of 1 micro Tesla (µT) to 200 mT and operate in the temperature range of -40 to 165 °C relevant for the automotive industry.


fields of application in industry

The flexible magnetic field sensors are an excellent solution for real-time monitoring of electrical machines and drives:

  • Electromobility (electric vehicles, electric bicycles, wind turbines)
  • High-precision tools
  • Magnetic bearing systems



Control and monitoring of robots:

  • Industrial robots
  • Mechanically soft robots
  • Control of soft actuators
Use of flexible electronics in industry

fields of application in consumer electronics

Flexible magnetic field sensors are also ideally suited for installation as interactive entertainment and consumer electronics:

  • Touchless switches
  • Portable electronics
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Smart textiles



Smart home applications:

  • Building security
Use of flexible sensors for consumer electronics

What we offer

We offer industry and research partners:

  • Sale of flexible magnetic field sensors (customised sensor design)


Furthermore we offer as services:

  • Large area optical lithography and depositions
  • Structural and magnetic characterisation


Furthermore, we are also interested in joint further development within the framework of research and validation projects as well as contract research. In this context, licensing of the technology is also possible.




Discuss your requirements with us! Your contact is

Dr. Denys Makarov

Head of Flexible magnetoelectronics

Phone: +49 351 260 3273