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In the areas of process technology, biotechnology, medical technology, sensor technology and many others, where liquids or gases are moved, processed, mixed or separated in tubings or channels, very precise sensors, components, connectors, threads and channel structures are required. The three fluidics technologies offered can be used independently, and also demonstrate great synergy effects when combined.

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Fluidic Magnetoelectric Platform

We have developed a device that allows magnetoelectric and non-contact measurement of liquids in tubings. It does not only allow differentiation of liquids, but is also able to record their properties (such as pH values or ionic concentrations).

  • Detection and characterization of liquid (mixtures) in tubings
  • Sterile and non-contact measurements in continuous or segmented flow
  • Contactless measurement of liquids without addition of secondary substances, making it independent of critical liquid properties (such as pH values or oxidative properties)
fluidik plattform
fluidik plattform

Air coils

Our magnetoelectric measurement solution is based on an air coil that is wrapped around the measurement tubing. In the course of increasing the usability of the measuring platform, we are able to produce air coils with different inner diameters. For these coils, the electronic values such as the inductance or the resistance of the coils can be adjusted.

  • Compact (∼5 mm x 1.5 mm) coreless air coils for electrical engineering applications
  • Different inner diameters with inductivities in the µH range (2 – 10 mm & 20 – 100 µH) available
  • Keen interest in research and development collaborations and projects related to custom-made products

Functional fluidic connectors

We have developed special know-how for a process in which liquid resin is selectively cured. This allows, among other things, the production of fine channel structures. In addition, complex functional geometries can be implemented, e.g. channel structures arranged in three dimensions, filigree windings or completely transparent components.

  • Transparent, functional connectors for micro and millifluidic applications
  • High design options for the channel arrangements and dimensions (down to 500 µm), length and shape of the channels, as well as the introduction of threads and recesses
  • Functional geometries can be combined in a single component (e.g. T-pieces for droplet production, Y-pieces for liquid mixing, X-pieces for liquid extraction, and structures for separating / focusing particle sizes)
  • Choice of different material properties (transparent, biocompatible, mechanically/thermally resistant).
millifuidische Konnektoren
millifuidische Konnektoren

What we offer

Our offer includes


  • Production of the platform as a solution for contactless measurement of fluids
  • Production of functional fluidic connectors according to customer requirements
  • Fabrication of air coils according to customer requirements

fields of application

The Fluidik products can be used for non-invasive droplet detection in small tubes (diameter of 500 μm and smaller), droplet monitoring and rapid screening of various substances, as well as for optical, magnetic and impedance detection in the field of

  • Quality control
  • Drug research
  • Medical technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry


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Micro- and millifluidic technologies

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