Our products are innovative developments by scientists from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. Flow Measurement Technology, Torque Sensors, Radiation Detectors or Terahertz-Emitters are just a few of the promising products that we manufacture in small series on order and according to individual customer requirements or pass on as a license for series production.

Flow Measurement Technology

Instruments for visualization of two-phase flows

The wire mesh sensor for the imaging examination of multiphase flows with high spatial and temporal resolution is the main product in the business field of multiphase measurement technology. In addition, we offer products such as the needle probe for measuring the local gas content, the process microscope for analyzing particles and cells – even at temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius – as well as the clock box for synchronous triggering of different measuring systems in the same basic clock.

Torque Sensor

Contactless multifunctional sensor with ARGUS eyes

The torque sensor “ARGUS” uses magnetic fields to monitor mechanical loads in shafts and axes. With ARGUS eyes, the sensor measures a large number of mechanical operating variables such as speed, torque or positional deviation without contact in an inductive manner in real time. The sensor is suitable for use in large-scale plants such as wind farms, mining machines or generator plants as well as in the automotive industry.


A new dimension of resistance measurements

With the tensormeter, all components of the electrical resistance of thin layers, such as silicon wafers, can be measured quickly and precisely with one measurement. The tensormeter determines the complete resistance tensor of one or more thin-film samples, which would otherwise require a large number of measuring devices and complex measurement setups. In addition, the tensormeter measures precisely in high resolution and with the lowest noise without sample structuring (e.g. lithography).

Time-of-flight Spectrometer

Element identification on the nanometer scale

The TSH (Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer for Helium Ion Microscopes) 300 is a time-of-flight mass spectrometer that was developed as an add-on measuring instrument for special use on helium / neon ion microscopes (HIM). It combines the excellent imaging capabilities of  a HIM with the ability to identify elements on the nm scale. One unique feature is the excellent spatial resolution: the secondary ions deliver a lateral resolution of less than eight nanometers.


Two-Axis Rotator for rotation without limits

The two-axis rotator ROTAX is an innovative component for the precise spatial alignment of material samples during measurements under extreme conditions, such as in strong electromagnetic fields, at very low temperatures or in the smallest space. With Rotax, two rotation axes at right angles to each other can be controlled independently and simultaneously. The precise control of the sample in the measuring apparatus shortens the measuring time. The automation of the measurement enables multiple data throughput.

Radiation Detectors

High-resolution spectroscopy

In a clean room laboratory we can carry out the complete wafer processing for the production of individual semiconductor components for radiation detectors. The ready-to-install wafers are suitable for high-resolution alpha and beta spectroscopy and are requested by our customers, for example, as components for measuring instruments, optical diagnostic devices or monitoring technology. In environmental analysis, our radiation detectors are used, for example, to determine radon radiation.

Impedance Biochip

Dilution-free cell counting and cell monitoring

In order to determine the number of biological species such as bacteria in liquid, complex methods such as the microscopic counting of CFUs or the determination of the optical density by dilution have generally been required. With our developed process, a combination of silicon-based chip and impedance measuring device, the number of cells can be determined quickly, without dilution and optics-free.


Non-destructive material testing

Terahertz (THz) technology has great potential in the areas of non-destructive material testing, communication and security technology. A particularly powerful technique is the THz time domain spectroscopy, in which short THz pulses are coherently detected in amplitude and phase. The key components are efficient THz sources and low-noise detectors. We develop these components, in particular we offer large-area photoconductive emitters that allow one to conveniently produce strong THz waves upon pulsed near-infrared laser excitation.

Magnetic-field coils

Unique pieces for industrial applications

The Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory (HLD) at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf is also available to external scientists as a user facility. It enables experiments in the highest pulsed magnetic fields of up to 90 Tesla. In the HLD workshop, resilient pulsed field magnetic coils are designed and manufactured to meet the highest demands. We offer this cutting-edge technology for generating high pulsed magnetic fields as individual one-off productions for industrial applications such as B. electromagnetic forming, joining and welding as well as for medical technology.


Service: Further development of Technologies

Our products are custom-made according to your individual wishes (batch size 1). This also includes the service of necessary adjustments und further developments. Contact us.