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Element identification on the nanometer scale

The TSH (Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer for Helium Ion Microscopes) 300 is a time-of-flight mass spectrometer that was developed as an add-on measuring instrument for special use on helium / neon ion microscopes (HIM). It combines the excellent imaging capabilities of  a HIM with the ability to identify elements on the nm scale. One unique feature is the excellent spatial resolution: the secondary ions deliver a lateral resolution on nanometer scale. This high resolution offers great potential for analyzes in the areas of nanoelectonics, nano- and microbiology, geosciences and materials research.


A helium ion microscope, known for high resolution imaging and modification with helium or neon ions, was equipped with a time-of-flight spectrometer for analyzing the composition of the sample. The powerful add-on TSH300, is a secondary ion extraction optics with which all secondary ion masses can be measured in parallel. This reduces ion-induced influences on the sample to a minimum. The combination of high-resolution secondary electron images and laterally resolved element identification offers great potential for the analysis of nano and microstructures.
In addition, many depth profiles can be obtained by ion sputtering, which enables a look “under” the sample surface. In this way, element depth profiles of the sample can be determined. Thus, so-called end-point detection becomes available when it comes down to removing material only up to a certain interface.
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Application areas

The application areas for the TSH300 include all areas of materials science and material testing. The add-on can also be used for element analysis in micro- and nanoelectronics as well as for finding tracer elements in labeled samples in micro- and nanobiological samples.


What we offer

  • Delivery and installation including commissioning of the TSH300 on your helium-ion microscope
  • Software for automated data acquisition
  • Analysis software for quick and uncomplicated extraction of element distributions from the measurement data obtained
  • Training in handling this unique technique



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