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    High Energy Ion Implantation

    For the ion technology business area, we use the facilities of the ion beam center at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. Many years of expertise in the field of ion technology, modern and powerful machines and highly qualified personnel enable the rapid processing of standard implantations while maintaining high quality standards. Our strengths include the broad ion energy range, a large selection of available ion species and the fulfillment of complex special orders.


    Many years of expertise in ion implantation

    We use Europe’s largest and most modern ion beam center (IBC) at the Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf to carry out high-energy ion implantation. The cooperation with the IBC at the HZDR gives us access to powerful machines in combination with a highly qualified team of operators. The symbiosis of scientific and industrial use of the systems ensures continuous modernization and improvement of the systems while maintaining operational reliability and high quality requirements. Our many years of experience in the field of ion implantation ensures that even complex inquiries can be checked and carried out in close cooperation with the client.

    Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001 (103.00 KB)

    What we offer

    The facilities we use work in a wide energy range and cover not only the typical standard energies but also high-energy ion implantation. Specialized ion sources allow a wide range of available ion species to cover a large part of the periodic table of the elements. The overlapping of the energy areas between the different machines creates standby redundancy so that ongoing processes can be transferred to another machine if necessary.


    Semi-automatic wafer handling

    Depending on the geometry and properties of the wafers, manual or semi-automatic wafer handling is available. Manual handling is particularly suitable for thin and fragile wafers. The cassette-based system allows our trained personnel to process small samples and components up to 200 mm wafers. A robot operates the handling of standard wafers with high throughput. The wafers are processed in clean room environments of classes ISO 5 and ISO 6.


    Our range of services

    • Species: 1H to 197Au
    • Acceleration voltages: 10 kV to 6 MV
    • Ion sources: sputter sources, gas sources, evaporation sources
    • Wafer sizes: up to 200 mm
    • Wafer handling: manual or semi-automatic
    • clean room environment: classes ISO 5 and ISO 6


    Your contact person

    Dr. Roman Böttger

    Director Ion Technology

    Phone: +49 351 260 2873