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Current projects on the way to a startup

In the spin-off phase, the scientists are given extensive support by HZDR Innovation. The first market test is done by us. By integrating into an innovation ecosystem and further support from our partners such as dresden exists or Hightech Startbahn, our spin-off projects can take their first steps. Find out more about our current spin-off projects.


TheiaX - innovative exploration

Through the use of innovative imaging sensors, TheiaX makes it possible to realize industry’s needs for faster and more precise characterizations of raw materials and without major interventions in nature. These sensors can be installed on various platforms, for example on drones. Furthermore, TheiaX uses the potential of artificial intelligence and virtual reality to provide an economical, fast, non-invasive decision-making tool for raw material exploration and extraction.


Tensormeter - the new standard of resistance measurements

With the tensormeter, all components of the electrical resistance of thin layers such as silicon wafers can be measures quickly, easily and precisely with one measurement. The tensormeter determines the complete resistance tensor of one or more thin-film samples, which otherwise requires a large number of measuring devices and complex measurement setups. In addition, the tensormeter measures precisely in high resolution and with the lowest possible noise without sample structuring (e.g. lithography).