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    Frame-synchronous triggering of different sensors

    The Clock-Box is an electronic unit that provides high-accuracy frame-synchronization of measurement systems, such as wire-mesh sensors, needle probes or high-speed video cameras. Therefore the Clock-Box provides a common digital base clock with up to five different frequencies, which run even after hours 100% synchronous. The system can be controlled by a Windows PC via USB interface and be started both by a hardware trigger or a software trigger. Beside continuous operation also a burst-mode operation for user-defined intermittent data acquisition is implemented.

    manual clock-box (1.05 MB)

    Technical data

    • Connection of up to five different sensors (e.g. wire-mesh sensors, needle probes, high-speed video cameras)
    • Separately selectable frequencies, duty cycles and trigger polarities for each channel via Windows® control software
    • Software trigger and isolated hardware trigger
    • Isolated relay output


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