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    Needle probes for local gas holdup measurement

    With our needle probes you can in a simple way measure local gas holdup in transient multiphase flows. Our needle probes are pressure-tight up to 16 MPa and temperature-resistant up to 300°C. The electrical conductivity measurement principle also allows studies with ionic tracer solutions, for instance, to measure residence time distributions and liquid dispersion parameters. Thermo-needle probes can be used for the simultaneous measurement of local phase fraction and fluid temperature at the needle tip in one position in a flow. Like our wire-mesh sensors they achieve data acquisition rates of up to 10,000 samples per second, which is fully sufficient to analyze even very fast multiphase flows.

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    Technical Details

    • Simple mounting by compression fitting
    • High-speed sampling up to 10 kHz
    • Probe tips down to 100 µm diameter
    • Operating conditions: Series S: up to 230 °C, Series E: up to 300 °C
    • Pressure: up to 16MPa.
    Service: Gas and Liquid Holdup with Needle probes

    Contact for Requests

    Eckhard Schleicher, Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics

    Phone: +49 351 260 3230



    Uwe Pöpping, Innovation Manager Fluid Dynamics

    Phone: +49 351 260 2397