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    Innovative Raw Material Exploration

    With TheiaX we offer you a service of efficient raw material discovery from a bird’s eye view using innovative sensors and drones. Scientists at the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology have developed new types of digital mapping processes. From the air, drones provide precise images of the raw material deposits in the ground. High-tech metals in particular can be found in an environmentally friendly manner.


    Novel mapping with artificial intelligence

    The growing supply of raw materials in industry requires energy-efficient and socially acceptable methods of raw material exploration with low environmental impact. With more than six years’ experience in international projects, the Exploration Technology Department at the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technologies (HIF) has successfully developed new, digital mapping methods.


    With TheiaX, the needs of industry for faster and more precise characterization of raw materials by means of innovative imaging sensors can be better realized in the future and without major interventions in nature.


    The sensors can be installed on various platforms, for example on drones. Furthermore, TheiaX uses the potential of artificial intelligence and virtual reality to provide an economical, fast, non-invasive decision-making tool for raw material exploration and extraction.


    TheiaX offers digital twins that serve as a reliable basis for structural and lithological mapping as well as for environmental monitoring. In this way, human intervention in the study areas can be minimized.


    EIT Raw Materials

    World’s largest innovation community in the raw materials sector.


    What we offer

    We offer you the service of innovative raw material exploration. Available is mind-face mapping, a tripod-based hyperspectral scanning of (near) vertical walls that enables reliable identification and analysis of the target. Also offered is drill-core mapping, a rapid analysis method for mineralogical characterisation. Geometallurgical exploration based on hyperspectral scanning provides representative sampling protocols that can be extrapolated to the depositional scale.


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    Christian Christesen

    Phone: +49 351 260 4402


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