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Radiolabeling Services for Accelerated Drug Development

Fluorizon provides services for the preparation and biological evaluation of radiolabeled compounds. Our data can support investigatory new drug (IND) applications, and accelerate drug development pipelines. Using our versatile radiolabeling toolkit, we offer of unique service pharmaceutical clients. Contact us for more information on Fluorizon’s services.


Our Technology: Radiolabelled molecules for imaging

In vivo experiments provide valuable information of a molecule’s absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME). ADME data is typically used to support an investigatory new drug (IND) application for subsequent clinical trials. Radiolabeled molecules used for biodistribution studies are currently the gold standard approach in the analysis of the pharmacokinetics and the quantification of relative tissue concentrations.

Positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) imaging experiments using a radiolabeled molecule provide pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (DMPK) pathways in real-time. PET images provide direct evidence at the site of action of target interaction and for occupancy measurements.

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Benefits of Fluorizon

Cellular-based (in vitro) experiments can provide an essential understanding of a drug candidate’s characteristics. In vitro assays are a prerequisite for further preclinical studies using small animal models (in vivo).


Radioactive kinetic real-time binding assays can determine a radiolabeled compound’s dissociation constant (Kd), drug-target binding mechanism, and target receptor density (Bmax). Competitive binding assays using the relevant competitor molecules can also be used to establish IC50 and Ki values.


What we offer

We can radiolabel drug candidates with a variety of radionuclides (radiolabels), depending on the desired application. Positron-emitting radionuclides including fluorine-18 ([18F]) and copper-64 ([64Cu]) are readily available for the transformation of drug candidates into radiolabeled tracer molecules.


For radiopharmaceutcial development, the following additional radionuclides are available upon request: barium-131 ([131Ba]), carbon-11 ([11C]), copper-61 ([61Cu]), copper-64 ([64Cu]), copper-67 ([67Cu]), gallium-68 ([68Ga]), iodine-123 ([123I]), iodine-124 ([124I]), iodine-125 ([125I]), lutetium-177 ([177Lu]), scandium-44 ([44Sc]), yttrium-90 ([90Y]) and zirconium-89 ([89Zr]).

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Our area of expertise lies in the preparation and biological evaluation of radiolabeled compounds. Our streamlined service provides fast results in due to our ultra-fast radiolabeling technology.

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