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Innovation Consulting, Training and Certification

Innovations don’t just happen on their own. We help research institutions and universities to successfully implement their transfer and innovation projects. Together with our partners, we support you in securing research results, in assessing the property rights situation and usability, in the search for exploitation partners and in negotiating exploitation contracts. We also help with applying for transfer funding or with drawing up a business plan. In addition, together with the transfer alliance, we are a provider of training courses to impart know-how in the areas of exploitation, contract law and innovation management.


Innovation Consulting: Our Services

  • Evaluation of the property right situation
  • Market analysis
  • Exploitation strategy
  • Further development of the invention until it is ready for the market
  • Licensing of IP and license agreements
  • Shareholder management
  • Competence expansion and Networking
  • Marketing

Trainings on Technology transfer

Get professional in knowledge and technology transfer: HZDR Innovation organizes seminars and further trainings for innovation managers and transfer offices on behalf of the Transferallianz.

Find out more about the current offers on the TA website.


Partners we trust

The HZDR and the GWT are our shareholders and at the same time our partners. We offer our transfer support primarily to the HZDR scientists. GWT is also a transfer service provider and projects often go hand in hand. We work closely with Ascenion, Dresden exists and the Hightech-Startbahn when it comes to all topics related to founding a technology start-up. On behalf of the Transferallianz, we offer further training for the transfer community.


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Managing Director
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