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Sensor technology for condition monitoring on shafts new defined

Operators of heavy-duty rotating equipment ensure reliability, safety, highest availability flexibility, and environmental compatibility. Alongside potential repair and replacement costs, failures of their highly complex and expensive systems might cause short falls of production counting for up to several millions of Euro per day.


Patented sensor system - contactless and retrofittable

The contactless and multifunctional sensor system is suitable for dynamic and static measurement tasks. Alongside measuring transmitted power, it captures typical peak loads and overloads of shafts, as those might cause downtime and are relevant for scheduling predictive maintenance.


With regard to the measurable variables, like speed and torque, T-Sensor is suitable for optimizing plant processes as well as for avoiding non-compliant operating conditions.


The sensor system from the T-Sensor series focusses on retrofit applications. It is available for both stationary application and mobile setups, that are easily to be mounted. This leads to a reduction in costs by avoiding:

  • business interruptions
  • unforeseen maintenance work
  • additional administrative costs
  • rental or replacement of (spare) machines
  • additional equipment costs for backups
  • unnecessary risk premiums (instead ensuring insurability of operations)
  • contractual liquidated damages as a result of failure to deliver


Comparing to alternative sensor technology the T-Sensor excels by the following advantages listed on the technology comparison slide underneath.

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Possible areas of use are:

  • mechanical and plant engineering
  • shipbuilding
  • chemical industry
  • oil & gas industry
  • energy supply
  • rail-bound transport systems
  • building materials industry
  • raw materials extraction and processing
  • automotive industry, e.g. electromobility
  • monitoring of metal structures / construction


The detection, monitoring and control of transmitted power, torque, speed are prerequisites to detect unexpected machine failures and to ensure compliance with specifications where indirect power measurement is rather difficult or not possible, e.g. turbines, rail born vehicles or other rotating equipment.


The contactless operating torque sensor provides significantly lower effort in installation and calibration. These properties of the measurement technique predestine the system as a retrofittable solution for demanding tasks.

Product Video T-Sensor

New standard in torque measurement – easy to adapt

The patented sensor measures the torque and angular speed based on the effect of magneto-elastic effect (inverse magnetostriction). It is characterized by its retrofitability and enables non-contact measurement even in aggressive media environments in a non-contact manner via magnetic fields in real time. This enables the integration into control panels and – looking forward – the monitoring and control of mechanical drive systems via remote monitoring. Mechanical loads and especially overloads in shafts are detected in time – their possible damage can be avoided.


The non-contact measurement in soft real time facilitates the determination of the cause and thus the prevention of damage. Alongside application in immobile metal structures, the torque sensor is particularly suitable for turbines, compressors, wind turbines, mining machines, generators and other rotating equipment with shaft diameters larger than 70 mm.


Retrofit solution for existing setups

The presented sensor does not require any modification nor does the monitoring sensor technology, which monitors torque, and speed require any treatment or modification of the surface of the shaft.


The sensor– without causing any potentially irreversible changes to an existing facility – is designed for retrofit, e.g. in cases where historically torque measurement had not been necessary or other solutions had been too expensive. The new technology allows operating condition measurement and monitoring of complex drive systems for peak and overload, and enables alarming and emergency shutdown.


Condition Monitoring

The torque sensor is supplied with evaluation electronics for continuous monitoring of the shaft by a control unit. Irregularities can be detected at an early stage during operation. This makes it possible to switch to emergency operation in short time and thus to avoid the complete failure of the entire system. In addition, the data obtained can help to optimize your plant in the course of energy efficiency improvements and potentially to qualify the results therefrom.


The sensor system requires shaft material with ferromagnetic steel grades. For using the technology on non-ferromagnetic materials, sensor application options such as measuring surface speeds and changes in position could be considered. Thus, the sensor can also be used for contour measurement.


Customizable solution - share your requirements with us.

The sensor devices are available as permanently installable units for stationary and mobile setups – for purchase or as rental equipment – and can be retrofitted without irreversible changes to an existing system. They can be used wherever torque measurements had been previously impossible or simply too expensive, for example in heavy turbomachinery and in construction.


The sensor can be adapted to your plant in various sizes and shapes. For example, miniaturization of the sensor head as well as the electronics and corresponding adaptations for smaller shaft diameters and with limited installation space are possible.


The system would be calibrated on a concrete and present measuring object to achieve best results. A customized approach to reach the required accuracy and specific customer’s requirements will be presented, adopted, and agreed with the customer. As a result, modifications and adjustments of our software are possible and rather probable.

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