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Contactless multifunctional sensor with ARGUS eyes

The torque sensor “ARGUS” uses magnetic fields to monitor mechanical loads in shafts and axes. With ARGUS eyes, the sensor measures a large number of mechanical operating variables such as speed, torque or positional deviation without contact in an inductive manner in real time. The sensor is suitable for use in large-scale plants such as wind farms, mining machines or generator plants as well as in the automotive industry.


Retrofittable sensor system ARGUS

ARGUS represents a contactless and multifunctional sensor system from the T-Sensor series for determining and monitoring relevant operating parameters of mechanical drive systems. This includes torque, speed and position. The sensor principle does not require any treatment or change in the surface of the ferromagnetic drive element. The retrofittable sensor system is suitable for dynamic as well as static load measurements on ferromagnetic components with high temporal resolution. For the application of measurement technology on non-ferromagnetic materials, there remains the possibility of speeds, surface speeds and changes in position between the sensor
and measure material so that the sensor can also be used for contour measurement, for example.


Application fields of the measuring technique

  • Test benches in mechanical and plant engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Rail transport systems
  • Building materials industry / raw material extraction and processing
  • Renewable energies (hydropower / wind)
  • Automotive (e-mobility)
  • Structural monitoring


What we offer

With the Torque Sensor Argus, we offer a retrofittable and variably usable measuring technology for measuring the operating condition and monitoring complex drive systems in heavy machinery. The sensor can be adapted to your system in various sizes and shapes. Miniaturization of the sensor head as well as the electronics and adjustments for small shaft diameters and limited installation space is possible. The devices are available as units that can be permanently installed on your system, or as rental equipment. We would be happy to support you with research and development work, the qualification of your system in the course of optimization and increase in energy efficiency and the use of measurement technology for demonstration and teaching purposes. Of course, the sensor is supplied with evaluation electronics.

Product brochure Torque Sensor (3.08 MB)

Video of Torque Sensor Argus

In the product video of the HZDR Innovation in cooperation with the company KIMA, the functionality and areas of application of the contactless and multifunctional torque sensor are shown.


Contact for Requests

Dr. Dominique Buchenau

Project lead Torque Sensor

Phone: +49 351 260 2412