PolCarr® - Biochip

Biochips for cell counting and cell growth monitoring

PolCarr® stands for Polarizable Carrier. It is an innovative platform technology for small biomolecules, e.g. Vitamins and hormones, monomers, e.g. Amino acids and nucleotides, and macromolecules, e.g. Proteins and DNA, locally in contact with the innovative carrier material. This micrometer to nanometer-precise immobilization is simple and can be used in countless life science areas. In the manufacture of PolCarr®-Biochips, silicon is converted into a polarizable carrier material with near-surface electrostatic forces with a range of up to 200 nm using ion implantation. The PolCarr® biochip was developed for use on transparent and flexible silicon thin films.

Two types of PolCarr®-Biochips are available: biochips with enhanced electrostatic force of attraction for negatively charged cells (Biochip BS) and enhanced electrostatic for attraction for positively charged cells (Biochip PS).

Patent: US 14/342,094

How do the PolCarr®-Biochips work?

Biochip with ring electrode

Biochip is connected to an impedance meter. Liquid test material (1-10 µl) is inserted into the ring electrode of the (a) Biochip BS or (c) Biochip PS. Impedance change of Biochip is measured and modelled in dependence on test liquid. Four modelled impedance parameters depend linearly on number of cells in contact with area inside ring electrode and allow for a sensitive determination of cell concentration and sensitive in-situ control of cell growth.

Benefits of Impedance Biochips

  • Large dynamic range (0.05 smaller than OD600 smaller than 16)
  • Easy impedance calibration of biochip
  • Fast and quasi-continuous measurement and analysis for in-situ control
  • High robustness of functionality against autoclaving, shock freezing, and incubation
  • Minimal use of liquid test material (1-10 μl)

The PolCarr®-Biochip is used for cell counting and cell growth monitoring.

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