Technical parameters / requirements

Technical parameters / requirements on the measuring system (first intended prototyp):

The inductive and therefore contactless measuring principle can be applied on all ferromagnetic shafts or parts with at least weak ferromagnetic properties. An application on non-ferromagnetic shafts (carbon-fiber shafts) can be realized by a thin sputtering layer of soft magnetic material on the surface of the measuring object.

Shaft diameter: 20-200 mm
Measurement range: 0-10 kNm
Revolution speed: 0-1500 min-1
Precision of measurement: 5 % (conservative estimation)
Hysteresis / linearity: 5 % (conservative estimation)
Signal output: CAN, SPI or analog 4-20 mA
Temperature range: -50 to 800°C
Service life: 10.000 h