Ion Implantation Services

Ion Implantation

The HZDR innovation uses three ion implanter with 500 kV, 200 kV and 40 kV maximum acceleration voltage as well as facilities for plasma immersion ion implantation.

High Energy Ion Implantation

The HZDR innovation uses three electrostatic accelerators with 2 MV, 3 MV and 6 MV maximum terminal voltage.

  • Ionenenergie und Reichweite der Ionen für HE-Implantation

Typical applications of high energy ion implantation

  • Implantation of light ions (H, He) into semiconductor devices in power electronics (power diodes, thyristors, IGBTs or power MOSFETs) to improve switching performance and reduce significantly the power loss (lifetime engineering)
  • Implantation of doping elements (H, B, P, As etc.) for deep doping of cMOS devices and for influencing the field strength distribution in photodiodes, particle detectors or high-voltage components (electric field tailoring)

The HZDR innovation is able to supply ion implantation services for any material modification of the surface sensitive properties, especially hardness, friction, abrasion, tiredness, adhesion, corrosion of metals and other materials for the synthesis and nanostructuring.