Automated Mineralogy

ERZLABOR Advanced Solutions GmbH

Automated Mineralogy is an analytical method based on scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and is widely used in the entire raw materials value chain, from exploration to recycling. An improved understanding of the material allows for minimizing the overall risk in order to maximize project and operational value. Process, energy and production costs can be reduced by reducing raw material losses.

Services Automated Mineralogy:

  • Characterization of solid natural and artificial materials, such as rocks, minerals, ores, processing products, special glasses and recycling materials.
  • Determination of multiple parameters, such as:

    • Modal mineral composition, calculated elemental content, elemental distributions, mineral associations, size distributions of particles and mineral grains, particle density distributions,
    • Degree of liberation of mineral grains by particle composition, or by free surface, theoretical grade vs. recovery curves for minerals and elements.

  • Extraction of sample images (‚mineral maps') as well as images of specific groups of minerals.

Services sample preparation:

  • Preparation of polished specimens of different formats and sizes of solid or granular materials.

Upon request, we offer technical training and consulting.

Dirk Sandmann